Who’s Poppy?

Er…me. Obviously, any of you who know me know that that’s not the name on my birth certificate, but a late, dear, family friend nicknamed me ‘Poppy-Poo-Paa’ as a child. In order for people not to get the wrong idea about what kind of blog this is, I’ve shortened it to the more dignified and inoffensive ‘Poppy’, which has a handy alliteration with ‘Press’, because, you know….I’m kind of publishing stuff on here…

Okay, it’s tenuous, I’ll give you that. But it’s nice to say. Try it. Try it ten times fast after a couple of pints.

I make no promises about what I will and won’t write on this blog. It will be a verbal wunderkammer of all my interests, and, aside from literature, those change on a fairly regular basis.


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