30 before 30

Whaaaaaaat, Beccy? A list post? Really? That’s SO done!

I know, dear reader, I know. This definitely falls more into the navel-gazy category of posts than the ‘check out my journalism skills, future employers’ category. That said, I love noseying at other people’s hopes and dreams, and I’ll wager that I’m not special or unique  in that way, so hopefully or two people may enjoy reading this, too.

(For those who don’t know, I turn 30 in 3 years, 8 months, 16 days and 29 hours. Approximately.)

I know the first one is cheating because I’ve already started it, but if you tell me that you’ve never started a list with things you’ve already done to make yourself feel better then you’re a liar.

NB: This is an aspirational list, not a realistic one. I fully expect some of these things to take longer than three and a half years and others may simply not appeal to me in a few months time, but mainly these are things I’ve wanted to do for years.

1.Teach English abroad
2.Be able to make small talk in Welsh
3.Go sailing again
4.Go on a camping/trekking trip self-navigating
5.Go to Northern Ireland and see the Giants Causeway
6.Put my best poems in a collection to publish and illustrate it
7.Find out the name, place of birth and occupation of 4 ancestors born before 1900
8.Start teaching writing workshops
9.Start making most of my own jewellery
10.Start drawing every day
11.Finish reading the Bible
12.Start reading the Quran
13.Go to Sapa
14.Meet an Orangutan
15.Try street food in Penang
16.Go back to Nepal
17.Go to Myanmar or Laos
18.See Arctic Monkeys live
19.Write a stage play
20.Develop a daily writing habit
21.Start a PhD
22.Go to Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, the Outer Hebridies, York and Winchester
23.See the Aurora Borealis/Australialis
24.Run another half  (sub 2 hours)
25.Make a lemon Meringue pie
26.Move out of Mum and Dad’s…permanently! (My parents are lovely. But I graduated 4 years ago…)
27.Read poetry every day
28.Print off more photographs!
29.Read a book in German
30.Keep seeing loved ones regularly

If you fancy sharing your bucket list, before x y or z list, please do…as I said, I’m nosey 😉



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