Things recently enjoyed #2

Lincoln. How incredibly friendly the staff at The Usher Collection are * Seeing my writing on gallery headed paper in a little reading snug at the back of a gallery * Seeing two whole people actually take copies! * Soaking up being in a gallery again, enjoying the little world created and curated by Lothar Götz and the Collection * Eating vegetarian food with all the people who made their vision possible * Being able to stumble into a bed at the end of it (thanks to my mum for finding cheap hotel rooms instead of deciding to drive home at obscene o’clock!) * Going for a run in Lincoln on Saturday morning and the views over the town being SO worth the hill climb * Brunch at Stokes Cafe  with the parents and seeing the Methodist Modern Art Collection at Lincoln Cathedral. Finding a new favourite picture and realising, as we were about to walk out of the chapter house, that the windows are works of art, too. *

Derby. The swishy-feeling of a new hair cut * Spending money and time in Derby with my best friend * Running in familiar places and feeling new again.

Books. ‘Hold Your Own’, Kate Tempest – Love how she weaves the kind of childhood  I remember into the myth of Tiresias. Her poetry is music but not at the expense of believable, breathtaking imagery * ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’, Azar Nafisi – Dangerously beautifully written. I mean literally, you’re in danger of forgetting that this happened, is happening to people right now. I love books about bookworms but Nafisi’s story saddens me too because I can’t bear the fact that people are so dehumanised and oppressed in the real world. * ‘An Aviary of Small Birds’, Karen McCarthy Woolf – I hadn’t read or heard a bad word said about this book. All I can add is, believe the hype.

And also cookies still warm from the oven.



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